Dry Hair

Dry Hair

One of the main complaints related to the hair is dry hair.
Depending on your hair’s porosity, some of us will need to moisturize more often than others. If your hair is colored, you will also need to moisturize more often.
Deep conditioning is a step that should not skip in your hair routine. When you deep condition, you replenish your hair’s moisture and you improve its elasticity.The frequency and type of deep conditioner you use are up to you. If deep conditioning is not part of your hair routine you’re having issues with dryness, you should add this step immediately.
We all know that the ends of each hair strand are the oldest part of our hair and consequently the driest. If your ends are dry, it could mean that it’s time for a trim. Please do not hold on to old, dry ends for longer hair. After trimming your hair, it will retain moisture better and look better. 

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